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How does it work?

The process is a fairly simple one. If you need to get a family member out of jail, such as rikers island, contact a bondsmen agent. You do need

a reputable company to help you post cash bond or surety bond if you or a family member has been arrested. Locate a licensed bail agent to get help posting bail and getting funds or bond for release.


The agent will pledge money to the court and take care of the details to make sure the accused or arrested person in question will show up when they need to for their court or trial date. You will pay a non-refundable amount of cash to the gent, who usually has a direct line to the bank 24/7. A bond agent can ensure that you or your family member is released from jail in a matter of hours.

The typical charge that one would levy would be roughly 10 percent of the total amount set by the court/judge. Many insurance companies or banks that allow individuals to put up cash for the surety of other contracts, are not willing to work with bail bondmen and criminal cases. As a result, bail bondmen are almost exclusively in business to deal with criminal defense cases.

The agent is responsible for the posted cash or bond if the defendant does not show up for court. Typically, the money would be returned at the end of the trial as long as the defendant has showed up promptly, but what happens if they do not?

In this case, bondmen agents are generally permitted to bring the defendant into the jurisdiction of the court to recover the money that has been paid out. In this case, the use of a bounty hunter is employed. The United States is one of the few countries where this technique is employed, as bounty hunting is actually illegal in many other countries.

Common terms associated with bail and bond services:

  • cash bail
  • surety bond
  • property bond and lien
  • flight risk
  • professional bounty hunter
  • skips and skip tracing
  • bail enforcement agent in NYC or NY
  • jumping bail or bail jumper

If you need to post bail, find an agent that is licensed in New York or the state you are seeking bail.

Make sure the agent charges the legal rates and is clear about any additional fees.

Get a receipt and copy of all fees and charges and the person you are bailing out – their name, address and the name of the surety company and their contact information.

Typical fees for a bond in NY can be up to 10% of the bail amount, but Federal and immigration fees can range from 15% to 20%.

So if the bail is $10,000 and it is a typical 10% case, you pay the bail bondsman 10% of the bail, and they will post the remaining 90%. That means you pay the bail bondsman $1,000, and they pay the rest. At the end of the case you, you do not get your $1,000 back if that was the arranged fee.

How long does it take to get someone out of jail?

Processing the bail and filing out the paperwork (on average), can take less than 30 minutes. On average it can taek between 2-4 hours to get a family member or loved one out of jaill.

However, if the holding facility is very busy it can take much longer.

What happens after the bond is posted?

After the bond has been posted and the defendant is released from jail, he/she might have to fill out more paperwork and then they will be released into the custody of the person who posted bail (“indemnitor”).

The bail agent and indemnitor are responsible to make sure the defendant shows up for each and every court date until the case has been disposed and bailbond is discharged.

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