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Personal Injury Lawyer

Car & Truck Accidents, Construction Accidents,Medial Malpractice, Dangerous & Defective Drugs/Products, Trip,Slip & Fall,RSD, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Nursing Home Neglect, Wrongful Death, etc

Family Lawyer & Divorce Attorney

Divorce & Family Law,Fathers Rights,Arbitration and Mediation,Orders of Protection,Fathers Rights,Child Custody,Child Support,Spousal Maintenance/Alimony,Paternity,Division of Assets,Grandparents Rights,Separation Agreements,Relocation Problems,Parental Alienation,Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense,Felony,DWI/DUI,Initial Contact With Police,Drunk Driving License Suspension,Misdemeanors,Robbery & Grand Larceny,Shoplifting & Petit Larceny,Aggravated Harassment,Drug Crimes,Possession of Marijuana,Criminal Contempt,Probation & Parole Violations,White Collar Crime,Juvenile Crime

Product Liability Lawyer

Prescription Drug Recall, Medical Devices, Asbestos & Mesothelioma

Intellectual Property

Patents, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Licensing Issues

Estate & Probate Administration

Estate Probate,Estate Litigation,Estate Planing,Elder Law,Probate Lawyer,Trust Lawyer,Elder Lawyer,Estate Administration,Wills & Trusts,Trust Accounting

Elder Law

Estate planning,Advance directives,Trusts,Asset protection planning,Special needs planning,Medicaid planning,Home care options,Nursing home and assisted living placement,Hospital discharge representation,Medicare appeals,Guardianship,Probate,Trust & estate administration

Labor & Employment

Wage & Hour Claims,Sexual Harassment,Whistleblower & Sarbanes Oxley Claims,Discrimination Age Discrimination,Religious Discrimination,◾Disability Discrimination,Race Discrimination,National Origin Discrimination,Gender Discrimination,Family Medical Leave Act Violations,Retaliation
Real Estate Lawyer

Buying Homes, Selling Homes,Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate,Landlord Tenant

Immigration Lawyer

Fiancée Visas & Permanent Resident (Green) Card,Green Card Based on Marriage- or Family Relationships,H1B Professional Visas,L1 Professional Visas,Other Visas,Religious Worker Visas & Green Card,Student Visas (F1/J1),Temporary Protected Status (TPS),Visa Extensions,Visitors Visas (B1/B2)

Business Litigation Lawyer

Partnership disputes,Shareholder disputes,Lease disputes for commercial and residential leases,Breach of contract,Breach of fiduciary duty,Fraudulent conveyance,Partnership dissolution and equitable distribution of partnership assets

Traffic Tickets

Speeding,Racing,Reckless driving,Running a red light,Failing to stop at a stop sign,Driving w/out a license,Driving on a suspended license,Tailgating,Illegal passing


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